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10 Reasons to crate train your dog

Posted on November 23, 2015 at 2:35 PM

Crate training is the process of teaching a dog to relax within a crate or cage. When properly trained and utilised, there are numerous benefits of using the crate, here are some of our top 10. 

1. Safety

In the worst case scenario, dogs can die from being left unsupervised for any period of time. Chewing electrical wires, swallowing something which could causes obstruction, getting caught somewhere and chocking, fighting with other dogs in the house, the possibilities are endless. Confining a dog while you cannot keep a safe eye out means you eliminate the potential for disaster and can rest assured he is safe when alone.


2. Recuperation

In the event of needing to recover from an operation or injury, crate rest insures your dog is forced to rest, allowing a quicker recovery. It means he cannot jump up at the sound of the door, or charge around the house when excited and do more damage.


3. A place to himself

In busy households dogs can often get overwhelmed and feel anxiety when they have no place to themselves. Crates can be made into safe zones, where they can take themselves to relax, knowing they wont be bothered.


4. Relief from fireworks or storms

Many dogs are frightened of fireworks and owners dread the time of year too. A dog who is happy in his crate can have a secure, quiet area where he can wait out the worst of it in peace. Covering the crate and turning the TV up in plenty of time before it gets dark means he may be none the wiser.


5. Emergency vet visits

In the event of an emergency vet visit where your dog has to stay at the vet for any period of time, he will be kept in a cage while at the vets. If he is not used to being in a crate, this will add necessary stress to an already stressful situation.


6. Time out

Some dogs, especially puppies, can easily over exert themselves, not knowing when its time to relax. Crate training can ensure your dog can take time to nap and rest, and can have a space to calm down when over excited.


7. Securing escape artists

For dogs which are seasoned escape artists, making a dart for the door when opened, crates can provide an extra level of security meaning all external doors can be safely shut before letting the dog loose, extra helpful with a busy household who forget to close gates and doors.


8. Protecting your home

A crate allows you to secure your dog or puppy while you're not able to keep an eye on him, minimising the opportunity for damage to your furniture, expensive shoes and homework while training.


9. Toilet training

Utilising the crate can make toilet training a whole lot easier, especially as you can create a routine which means he is given frequent opportunities to toilet when being let out of the crate.


10. Secure while guests are round

When guest come round, whether it be family with small children, people with phobias of dogs or builders working on the house, it can make life much easier to be able to secure the dog for short periods of time.

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