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How to stop your dog begging for food

Posted on May 22, 2017 at 3:50 PM

Is your dog's begging becoming a nuisance at meal times? Here's our top tips to easily stop and prevent begging problems. 

Be strict and consistent

In order to change this behaviour, it is very important that everyone who interacts with the dog is consistent with not rewarding the begging by giving in and feeding him, especially from their plate at dinner.

Teach an alternative behaviour

Teach your dog an alternative behaviour, such as to go to his bed and lie down, to better manage the situation, especially if he is intrusive into your space.

Reward the behaviour you want to see

When he does offer the right behaviour, such as staying on his bed, make sure to reward him for doing so, for example by giving some of his food on his bed. This will encourage him to stay where the food comes to.

Feed your dog first

Feeding your dog before you sit down to eat will mean he isn't so hungry and will be more likely to settle when you are eating. Some people worry that dogs eating first leads to issues with dominance, but this is a myth.

Crate training

Consider utilizing the crate as a tool if you haven't yet taught your dog to stay on a bed.

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