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Recommended reading

Posted on July 10, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Recommended Reading


Here at Insync K9 we are constantly developing and expanding our knowledge about all aspects DOG. To help out other people looking to expand their knowledge in certain areas, we have put together this recommended reading list of books we love. If you are one of our clients and are interested in a particular book, please do let us know as we may have a copy you can borrow.


We hope you enjoy them, and make sure to contact us if you think there are any we should add to this list.


The culture clash : a revolutionary new way of understanding the relationship between humans and domestic dogs- Jean Donaldson


Control unleashed : creating a focused and confident dog- Leslie McDevitt


When pigs fly! : training success with impossible dogs- Jane Killion


Don't shoot the dog! : the new art of teaching and training- Karen Pryor


Click to Calm : healing the Aggressive Dog- Karen Pryor


Shaping Success (The Education of an Unlikely Champion)- Susan Garett



In defence of dogs- John Bradshaw


Between dog and wolf : understanding the connection and the confusion- Andrew Adams


Dog speak : recognising and understanding behaviour- Christiane Blenski


Behaviour adjustment training : BAT for fear, frustration, and aggression in dogs- Grisha Stewart


The genius of dogs : how dogs are even smarter than you think- Brian Hare




The canine thyroid epidemic : answers you need for your dog- Jean Dodds


Understanding Canine Urinary Incontinence- Peter Holt


The book of the bitch- J.M Evans




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