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Behavioural consultations

Is your dog aggressive to people and/or other dogs?

Is your dog anxious or fearful?

Is your dog destructive in the house?

Does your dog nuisance bark?

We CAN help!

  • Motivational and modern dog training techniques
  • Vast understanding of canine behaviour
  • Specialising in large and/or aggression problems
  • Stooge dogs and excellent facilities
  • Experienced and qualified
  • Insured

Behavioural problems in dogs, whether hereditary or learned are overcome by training; teaching the dog to view certain situations in a different manner or to react in a positive way in others. By understanding the root cause of the problem, then using a combination of knowledge, experience, common sense and patience will help all dogs at least improve and most overcome their issues or problems.

We believe in 'engaging' with dogs in a positive manner, harnessing and channelling the desirable aspects of their character to strengthen the weaker parts. We also strongly believe in ensuring that the owners fully understand the theory and thought process behind the desired course of action. This ensures that they start to see the world from their dogs point of view. 'Thinking dog' will help the owners maintain positive outcomes for the long term.

Continuous Development and achieving credible qualifications highlight our commitment to canine behaviour.

Our Service

  • Initial evaluation
  • Training plan
  • Follow up appointments
  • Ongoing email and telephone support


Members of the Guild of Dog trainers


Want to learn more about canine behaviour?

We are constantly looking for professional and personal development, and so we are always attending relevant seminars, courses and reading new material when published. This can also be valuable for pet owners. Please feel free to let us know if you would like help finding further learning in your area.

Checkout our 'Advice' section  which features some great books for further learning.