Insync K9

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Training facilities

Here at insync K9 we endeavour to provide the absolute best service in everything we do, from training workshops to residential training, making a comfortable and enjoyable visit for both owner and dog. 

Training paddocks

We have two large training paddocks spanning approximately 2 acres, and multiple woodchip wet weather paddocks, which are fully fenced and secure. The grass is kept short and these paddocks are used solely for training purposes, so we can work on training such as recall from distraction in a safe environment. 


Safety and comfort are key for transporting dogs for any duration. Our vans have custom fitted cab boxes with ventilation and plenty of bedding so are a perfect combination. Our comprehensive insurance plan covers all dogs in our care whilst in transit. 

Training equipment

We have all the training equipment we could ever need! From IPO blinds to jumps to protection training sleeves, we are fully equipped for all kinds of trainings in numerous venues. 

(This page is currently under construction, as we haven't long been in our new premises! Thank you for your patience!)