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Training for dog sport

We can help you train your dog for various types of dog sport, including IPO and competition obedience, either through 121 training or through residential training. 

Both Amelia and Jon regularly compete with their own dogs and train for competition daily, as well as having trained countless other dogs for different disciplines.

IPO Dog sport (Schutzhund) 

IPO stands for Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung. IPO is a three phase sport consisting of tracking, obedience and protection, and dogs must pass all three phases in order to qualify for a full IPO title. Among many other things, IPO tests a dog's courage, desire to work, endurance, speed and precision.  A strong bond between handler and dog is imperative for the sport.

For more information, check out the GSDL working branch website

Competition Obedience

Competitive Obedience is exactly what you would imagine - obedient and well trained dogs having their abilities tested. Obedience can be likened to dressage, or maybe gymnastics. The overall objective is to execute each exercise within a class with precision and accuracy, dog and handler working as a complete team. Thus both handlers and dogs can be penalised for errors and faults.

See more at the Kennel Club Website