Insync K9

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We are always grateful for the feedback we receive from our valued clients. 

We have 5 star reviews on multiple independent review websites, check it out. 

Here are some of the things our customers say about us.

"In July 2013 my husband and I were on holiday in Greece.  We fell in love with a stay street dog called Basil, and decided to rescue him. Having rescued a stray dog before, I was not concerned about training. However, upon arrival in the UK, Basil proved very challenging. We persevered for a couple of months, but finally we were at our wits end. I decided to seek professional help, and a friend recommended Amelia.

Amelia came for a one to one session with Basil. It was immediately obvious that she had a deep love and respect for dogs. By the end of the first session Amelia had trained Basil to sit, and had re-assured us that with further training and persistence Basil would be fine.
Amelia continued to work with Basil, and taught him commands and obedience through positive re enforcement techniques. Basil is now a loved and adored member of our family, and I can only thank Amelia for that. Please do not have any hesitation in seeking help from Amelia, she is amazing."
Venetia Booth
Operations Manager

"I would just like to say thank you for all your excellent advice and assistance with our ASBO GSD Ellie, she has become a much more rounded and respectable citizen and we couldn't be happier with her progress.

All your advice was tailored around Ellie and our lifestyle, at no point were you judgmental or pushy and you never tried to persuade us to pay for any more sessions than required.

Each session was always followed up by an e-mail clearly detailing all the advice and tips given during a session and an easy to follow plan to keep us going before the next one.

We can now walk Ellie off the lead in most places and she is more interested in me (well her ball anyway!) rather than other people and dogs around us. we still have a lot of work to do but i feel that we have the tools and knowledge to keep improving.

Very professional and friendly service and I couldn’t recommend you more

Thanks again"

Jamie Shaw

"Firstly to those looking for dog trainers,don't be put off by all the advice on the many forums that residential training is a bad thing. I found it much more productive than endless 1hr long sessions. I've had a few dogs in the past which I considered quite well trained but when you find yourself struggling to get that connection with your dog, it's not a failure asking for help. I've gone from the guy with the crazy dogs that people avoid while out walking, to the guy with the dogs that everyone wants to stop and chat to. Finding the right place to get you and your dogs to this stage is the hard part! After calling several dog training companies, ranging from the larger commercial types, some of which never even responded to my call, to the Caesar Milan wannabes, I then tried Insync K9. I very nearly didn't try them, not sure why but after speaking to Jon on the phone I'm glad I did, he just seemed to understand the issues we were having after introducing our second dog. Although I was sold on some residential training for our newest boy on the phone, I would of quite easily turned around and walked out if I wasn't happy with the place on arrival. I needn't of worried, these guys took him in to their home, no cold kennels but they do crate train for the dogs safety. I've now taken this practice on myself to great effect with some positive results.

During his stay I had regular updates with emails, photo's and video to support his progress.
I was so impressed with his progression and the conditions he was staying in, I sent my older dog as well. At the end of training there is a lot to take in at the handover but having these guys that I can call upon to guide me should I get things wrong is brilliant.

Both my boys have improved tremendously, walking on a loose lead, minimal dog aggression, better manners are just a few of the things that make our dog ownership a more enjoyable one. Cost? Well I know people that have spent more on an untrained puppy than I have for both my dogs 5 weeks total stay. For the hours they put in with your dog I consider it good value. Their price is comparable to any others and in most cases cheaper. For me though it's the care they received while with Jon & Amelia, despite never meeting them before, it really was like leaving my boys with good friends, but your friends are skilled dog trainers. I never had any concerns the whole time they were there.

In conclusion, I'm sure there are other companies that give an equal service to what is on offer here, but if you do choose anyone else, I just hope for your dogs sake you are as lucky as I was when finding insync K9."

Andy C.

"Hi Amelia & Jon

Just want to say how thrilled and impressed we are with Elsa's progress since her residential training with you. Elsa our Dobermann's reactivity to other dogs was escalating and had made our walks extremely stressfull for her and us.
We are so glad we came to you for help.

From the moment we arrived with Elsa we felt confident you would take care of her and it was obvious you both had the extensive experience necessary to help us. The updates and videos from Amelia were great as we could see her progressing with each one. 

When we came to collect Elsa, we were amazed at how we could walk her on a loose leash past a variety of strange dogs, one off leash, without her reacting. Now we are home, we have been out walking with her and have come across various dogs with no reaction, not to mention the absolute joy of being able to walk her without being pulled along. The added support of being able to contact you for advice in the future is fantastic.  We can't thank you both enough and would not hesitate to recommend InsyncK9.

With our very best wishes

Michael & Julie White"