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Passionate. Patient. Persistent.


Hey, I'm Amelia, a devoted dog trainer with a deep passion for dogs.

My journey in the world of canine companionship began years ago when I first welcomed a rescue dog into my life. It was love at first sight, and since then, I've dedicated myself to understanding and enhancing the lives of dogs. I developed a passion for the Dobermann breed, and now I own two named Saul and Nova, who I currently compete in IGP dog sport with. I am the head trainer at Northampton IGP club having titled 3 Dobermanns, a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois in the sport. I have multiple dog training qualifications, including achieving a 1st at Harper Adams University with the British Institute of Professional Dog trainers and am constantly attending seminars and workshops to keep up to date with the latest training techniques. 


With many years of experience in professional dog training, I've had the privilege of working closely with dogs of all ages, backgrounds and temperaments. My approach to dog training is rooted in a deep respect for the individuality of each dog I work with. I understand that every dog has its own personality and challenges, and I tailor my training methods to suit their specific needs. From basic obedience and behaviour modification to advanced competition training, I've honed my skills to help dogs become well-behaved, confident and happy companions.

As well as dogs, my other passions include horses, wildlife and travel. I regularly volunteer abroad for various charities and have previously worked in Cambodia and Vietnam. 

No matter what problem you are experiencing or what your training goals are, I would love to hear from you.

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